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Catapult Related Items

CD-ROM packages

Trebuchet Plans on CD
A big variety of Trebuchet plans in PDF Format on one big CD-ROM, including bonus Onager plans and our E-books too!
   $9.95  more info

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Trebuchet Simulators and Plans on CD
A big variety of Trebuchet plans in PDF Format, PLUS the Atreb and FAT/F2K Trebuchet Simulators, AND plans for the Onager and E-books too!
   $24.95  more info

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Torsion and Tension Catapult Plans CD
Torsion and Tension catapult plans including the Onager, Ballista, Petraria, Mangonel, Scorpion II and a new RatTrap Catapult, plus lots of other useful and interesting information about catapults and model making!
   $8.95  more info


Catapult Design, Construction and Competition
Catapult Design, Construction and Competition with the Projectile Throwing Engines of the Ancients, and Foreword by Ron Toms. If you've ever wanted to have a catapult or trebuchet competition, then you need this book!
   $19.95  more info

Chinese Siege Warfare
This exciting new book traces the development of Chinese siege engine technology from the 8th century B.C. to the end of the Qing dynasty and makes striking comparisons with siege weapons of other major world civilizations.
   $24.95  more info


Atreb Simulator
ATreb Trebuchet Simulator Program. Use this one for your traditional style machines, either hanging counterweight or fixed counterweight.
   $19.95  more info

FAT/F2K Simulator
FAT/F2K Simulator Program. Use this one for your Floating Arm style machines. Both configurations are included.
   $24.95  more info


In The Name Of Science
"In The Name Of Science": Watch a giant 40 foot tall trebuchet get built and then used to hurl pianos, a small car and steel cage filled with FIRE.
   $16.95  more info

Roman Catapult Video
"Building the Impossible": Roman Catapult Video Tape
   $19.95  more info

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Nova Medieval Siege VHS Video
Nova Medieval Siege on VHS Video Tape
   $19.95  more info

Nova Medieval Siege DVD
Nova Medieval Siege on DVD
   $21.95  more info

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Monster Garage Video
Monster Garage "Special Delivery Van" Video Tape
   $12.95  more info

Modern Marvels Video
The History Channel's (Modern Marvels) Siege Engine Video
   $24.95  more info

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Tell your friends!

Why should a kid
build a catapult?

Because the world needs good engineers and scientists, and because the kids who will grow up to become engineers and scientists need a way to get hands-on experience with physics, math and engineering.

In this age of 200-plus channels of TV, the Internet and computer games, kids are also spending far less time building tree houses, tinkering with engines, or designing downhill racers. We believe those are important skills to have. They help form the basis for good problem solving skills and an innate understanding of the real, physical world that you just can't get from a computer game, no matter how good its physics simulation software is.

Ballistic motion was one of the key players in the development of the science of physics. The word "engineer" even originated as the builders and designer of Siege Engines

Why is a budding engineering student expected to take a year or two of calculus in high school, but she isn't expected to have any real-world experience in building or working with machines and materials? Pencil and paper (or computer screens) are only one part of the learning experience. Where will she apply all of the stuff she learned in geometry and trig? Without physical projects to touch, feel and see, the lessons become abstract, their utility questionable.

A catapult project gives students a chance to see that science and engineering really can be fun, and it's a lot more than just numbers on paper. The real payoff for an engineer is in the field, where she can see and enjoy the results of her ingenuity. And it may seem counterintuitive, but engineering projects not only help kids learn math and science, they are also great at getting kids back outdoors, away from the massive over-exposure to video games, TV and the Internet.

Why all this interest in getting kids to study science and engineering? Because it's important to our society, and it's great mental cross training regardless of what field of work the kids eventually go into. Most people develop a sense for what they want to do in life while they are still in high school or even earlier. A catapult project is fun and interesting enough to inspire some kids to study the science behind how they work, and then go on to become the engineers and scientists of tomorrow.